Aug 06

I’m leaving the BBC to work for Channel Four News as Culture and Digital editor. For clarity this means I’ll be reporting on screen, but at 1900 GMT. Start date TBC. I’ll miss all my friends at Newsnight, the BBC and the NUJ BBC News Chapel massively. 

There’s a big challenge facing all MSM: some of the best journalism is being done at the edges - by niche magazines, online-only journals, graphicartists and independent video makers – working in relatively rule-free spaces. They populate my Facebook/Twitter timeline. 

We have to innovate and lose our risk aversion and our attachment to fixed roles - and I’ve judged that for me personally Channel 4 News/ITN is the best place to do that at this stage of my career. I’m writing a book I hope will make a difference to our understanding of technology, markets and social justice and I need to be able to do this with more freedom than the BBC rules allow. 

I’ve been here 12 years, starting on 9/11 and going in the week Bradley Manning was sentenced. As for what my new role entails, assume nothing. I’ll let the output do the talking.

I’ll go on tweeting as @paulmasonnews and I’ll be on here more, probably.

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